Thursday, January 12, 2012

FINALLY...she is mine!

A long time I have coveted this delicious caramel clutch from the queen of such things simple and stylish claire vivier and she is finally here to share my journeys!!
welcome baby!
We were united by the ever efficient shopbop - along with some rather comfy bensimon tennis flats in gorgeous grey, having already owned several pairs and loving them, it was time for an update...slate grey is always stylish in my books.

And for those that wanted to hear the outcome re the avocado choc monkeys are a little too wise for my liking! I loved it, they not so much !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Summer days...drifting awayyyy

Loving summer here in Sydney .... finally!
Been a long time coming but the last few days have been bliss....
27c sun shiny days spent at tennis camp - for the kids and some quiet catch up time at home + yumo *samiches for me before we hit the beach for some fun in the water I said bliss!

* samiches for those that don't know = wonderful foods that little aussie kids take to school in their lunchboxes (or these days cooler packs!) Quite often contain the rare treat of vegemite or if your lucky devon and sauce...those days the sky was extra blue and sunshiny!
oh that we have to grow up !
I still fondly recall my samiches but these day prefer to leave the devon in the deli and try a more healthier midday meal...this one was beautiful new york rye bread (from brasserie bread...mmm mm) with oven roasted turkey, brie, cranberry sauce and for freshness and crunch, snowpea sprouts - yumo indeed!
Yes its a little close to the backend of Christmas but I love a turkey samich anytime

*some might even call them SANDWICHES.

Shsssh - don't tell the kids!

its made from avocado!
In my pursuit to get the family healthier - not doing too badly but there is always room for improvement! - i stumbled across a few ideas and recipes for choc mousse made from avocado.
trying it out tonight and lets see if my duplicity is a winner!
Inspired by Forgiving Martha

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The tooth was the sign I needed to get into gear and start my journey into blog land.
Its been something I've thought about for awhile and in the past few weeks 2 of my favourite blogs TABLE TONIC and domestic recflections both spoke about how starting a blog had enriched their lives - so just do it!
I'm a little bit Martha, a little bit beach babe, a mum of 2 gorgeous little monkeys, a wife to an amazing man and I'm really into the simple things in life that make us smile :)
Ah sweet make me smile!

my baby just lost her first toof!

We've been waiting waiting waiting.....and today it finally happened!
Miss pops lost her first tooth and is now a fully fledged big girl!

So I thought why not start my blog which has also been waiting waiting waiting to be written!

Welcome to my musings on enjoying a simply stylish life here in sunny Sydney, Australia.