Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dreaming of lazy days....

A day, a week, a month....where has the time gone ?!
School started here and basically I've just come up for air!
Year 4 for mr monkey and first steps into kindergarten for miss pops.... and I find myself with barely a minute to spare - so much for that 'free time' I was planning on !
However I have managed to squeeze in a few new pursuits:
* indoor rockclimbing -what can is say but ARGH so scary but so fun and what a workout!
thanks Jen and thanks Climbfit.
* beautiful coastal bushwalks in the morning...Sydney harbour - you are so gorgeous!
* delish new local cafe that I only just die for sour cherry danish (the mini ones of course!)

la banette via polkadot cafe collection

Though I have to say life is very good and with the odd tear/meltdown (all of us guilty!) week 3 of the school year is behind us and I have on good report, that is the tough one to get through. So for all of you who felt the same need for clear skies and many deep breathes...
(and perhaps a few tissues!) this pic is for you...dreaming of a simpler time and lazy days

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