Friday, February 24, 2012

Go bars

 Muesli Go Bars
Ready to grab and eat on those mad mornings getting out the door on time or those days you realise you haven't eaten lunch - eat a few of these bars, an apple and your good to go till next time you remember to eat... hopefully something delicious and lovingly prepared !!

This is a quick and easy recipe and can be made with that muesli you bought last month on a whim and have only eaten once or twice...huhhmmm this post is giving a bit too much insight into a day in my life...!
Of course if you're not prone to muesli whims of fancy just as easy to make with rolled oats and a mix of your desired dried fruit/nut combo....just make sure it equals 2 cups - easy!

This recipe inspired by the fabulous Smitten Kitchen

2 cups toasted muesli - I used the delish one from The Boat House Palm Beach
2 Tbs cinnamon sugar - caster sugar mixed with cinnamon to taste...we always have some ready to make cinnamon toast, an occasional breakfast treat for the kids.
1/4 cup flour - I used brown rice flour to make me feel healthy but any will do to bind the muesli crumbs
6 Tbs melted butter - or coconut oil
1 egg beaten
1/4 cup maple syrup - yum yum!
1 Tbs water

* combine dry ingredients then add wet ingredients'
* line a small baking dish with baking/parchment paper
* press mix into dish and flatten out for even cooking
use a smaller deeper pan/dish if you want high bars
I used a 20cm x 15cm ceramic baking dish so mine were quite flat
* bake 160c 20 mins
* cool in dish then wire rack - I found it easier to cut whilst a little warm.

Keep on hand in sealed container for those GO times

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